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 Thanks "​Thanks for your comments."​ Thanks "​Thanks for your comments."​
-Fieldset "Type below"+submit
-select ​"The content of the class is" "Too technical|A little bit technical|Just right|A little bit applied|Too applied"+textarea ​"My main research interests are:"
-select ​"The pace of the class is" "Too fast|A little bit fast|Just right|A little bit slow|Too slow"+textarea ​"I might apply robust methods in this way:"
-select ​"The class needs _____ time for practice"​ "​more|a little bit more|no more and no less|a little bit less|less"+textarea ​"I think the workshop is good in terms of:"
-select ​"​I ​spent _____ time for homework"​ "too much|reasonable|not much"+textarea ​"​I ​think the workshop can be improved in terms of:"
-textarea "I think the class can be improved in the follow ways:" 
-textarea "I think we should keep doing this:" 
-textarea "I want to see the following topics to be covered:"​ 
-textarea "I want you to know:" 
 </​form>​ </​form>​
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