How to upload data from SPSS or EXcel to WebSEM?

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How do I upload data?

My data file is in SPSS. When I upload, I get a message stating that No file uploaded. I changed the format to Excel and I still get the same message.

What file formats are supported by WebSEM? OR What do I need to do to my Excel data to get it into WebSEM?

Thanks in advance.
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Currently, WebSEM only supports the use of free format text data. Therefore, the file needs to have an extension name .txt. In the file, the data values are separated by white spaces.

We plan to add the support of .csv file in the near future.
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Thank you so much.

So suppose I have three variables: Age, Number of Friends, Income. And I want to analyze this data, the contents in the text file would look something like below, correct?

Age NumberOfFriends Income

33 42 10000

23 3 83388

and so on. Is this correct?

Thanks Johnny.
Exactly. I think both Excel and SPSS can output data in this format.
Thanks a bunch!! And yes, Excel can ouput the data in .txt format.
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BTW, both SPSS and Excel files can be uploaded. However, they cannot be used in data analysis. Our server did experience a small problem because of the update of the php server. But the problem should have been fixed. Thanks.
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Now,   '.TXT' data  files separated by  ' ' (space)  as well as '.TXT' separated by '\t' (tap) are supported by WebSEM !  You can convert  '.CSV' file  to '.TXT' file using EXCEL or R.

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