predict values.

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hello, Im running a FCA in lavaan package from R, I'm looking for some bibliography in order to understand how SEM works. Actually I wanna know the ecuation for predict data. if anyone could help me with some boook or a comentr i will appreciate.



Byron Vinueza
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Just to clarify, do you mean you want to know methods regarding SEM in general? If so, the book by Loehlin can be a good start:

Loehlin, J. C. (2004). Latent variable models: An introduction to factor, path, and structural equation analysis (4th ed.). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

A more technical one could be Bollen (1989):

Bollen, K. A. (1989). Structural equations with latent variables. NY: Wiley.
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Thanks Johnny.

Actually, I have a problem with the notation of the matrixs used to calculate the values predictted form CFA . I wanna make a social-economic construct, so i have the Factor scores per case  usisng the preddict() function but i wanna make by my self.


Byron Vinueza
Two methods are widely used to obtain the factor scores: regression method and the Bartlett method: