Saved as .txt, but my 30 variables appear as 1 single variable (image included)

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I saved my data from excel to a tab delimited .txt but the .txt file seems to be confusing the websem interface by thinking i have only one variable instead of 30+.   I realize that the .txt file just needs a space between each variable; however, i have 30+ variables and a sample of 5,000+, so I can't do this manually in a reasonable time. is there some other way I should be resaving into a .txt file?   


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For now, only text file separated by space is allowed. You might try two methods. One is to replace the tab \t with space using an editor such as notepad+ on Windows or textwrangler on Mac. Another way is to save your data to space delimited in excel again.

We are working on an app to convert data but it's not ready yet.
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Note that Websem also supports the use of R. Therefore, you can also create an R file with the code such as

dset = read.table("old.txt", header=T, sep = "\t")

write.table(dset, file="new.txt", row.names=F, quote=F)

Run the code to generate a new data file.

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Windows notepad++



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Hi ,  New Progress!!   From now on,   '.TXT' data  files separated by  ' ' (space)  as well as '.TXT' separated by '\t' (tap) are supported by WebSEM !!  You can convert from '.CSV' file  to '.TXT' file using EXCEL or R.


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